Course – JT Circuit

Coruse notes

Course hazards
Corners x 4
Corner one: 3 way intersection blind left turn can have on coming traffic. Needs to be marshalled and riders to stay left

Corner Two: 4 way intersection on highway. With stop signs. Blind left turn onto highway.
Highway traffic travelling west to east main hazard. Needs to be coned and marshalled. Riders to stay left obey marshals to stop if required.

Corner three. 3 way intersection off highway.
Hazards : traffic from behind cyclists before left turn. On coming traffic after turn. Needs to be marshalled. Riders stay left

State highway shoulder: loose gravel. Risk of crash.

State highway. Following traffic being obstructed. Risk of collision car v cyclist and car v car: riders stay left and use the shoulder

Sprint finish usually ok here. Riders to hold their line

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