Grading Policy


WCC seeks to create a racing environment that is competitive, fair and encouraging. As part of this aim the club seeks to ensure that members race at an appropriate level and especially do not race at a level below their ability.

Grading of riders is a key duty of the race committee. Members need to be mindful that in the interests of fairness, safety and enjoyment for all concerned, the final arbiter in grading is the race committee.
This policy aims to emphasise that WCC is a racing club and while members may use club racing as training this must be within their current grade.

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General principles of grading

Grading in WCC is generally related to series performance which the race committee will assess towards the end of each series.  Riders who have attained a higher performance level than most others in their grade will be considered for promotion. However riders may not necessarily be promoted or may be given the option of going up or remaining in their current grade. The race committee will assess all factors in making their decisions, for example the performances of riders who win easily when they do ride but are selective in their appearances.

Some riders may top a series table but struggle in the grade above, especially if they are older and/or they won the series through consistency rather through dominating performances. The race committee will also be mindful of the greater gap between the higher grades, especially between A and B grades. The race committee will also be on the lookout for those who manage their performance in a higher grade so as to make a better case for dropping down again.

Where a rider is deemed to be between grades in ability they will stay in the lower grade by default, such riders will be encouraged to ride up a grade in some series races in order to try out the level.
All riders subject to re-grading will be contacted prior to the first race of the new series.

Mentor/support riders

This policy does not apply to those riding as mentors with a lower grade or parents or others riding with a junior rider. However these riders must not affect the unfolding or the outcome of any race they are involved with.

Riding up a grade

There is no restriction on riding up other than safety and common sense. Members ride a grade up for various reasons – they may feel they are ready and prefer not to wait for the series end, they may want to test themselves at the next level, or they may have wrapped up a series early – and providing riders do so without disruption, this is to be encouraged. If a member wishes to move up more than one grade they should contact the race committee to gain approval.

Riding Down

Members must ride in their current grade for a complete series unless they have applied to the race committee to be re-graded. Riding down during a series will only be considered in exceptional  ircumstances such as injury or serious illness. If the race committee gives permission for a rider to ride down during a series, the rider will be informed as to how much part he/she may take part in racing in the lower grade. The rider will remain in their current grade on the points table and only receive two points (for turning out) in that grade.


  • Re-grading requests must be emailed to
  • Requests must be received by email at least five days before the new series begins (or in exceptional circumstances* before the next race in the series). Emails should state your name, current grade, grade you wish to change to and the reason that you wish to change.
  • All requests will be replied to after consideration by the race committee.
  • Grade changes will not be made during a series except for exceptional circumstances*.
  • No verbal requests or on the day requests will be considered.
  • Members who are found to have ridden a race in a grade below their own without permission will be disqualified. Members who do this more than once will be subject to the club’s disciplinary policy.

*Exceptional circumstances may be (for example) a new rider finding their appropriate level.

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