Group Rides

We’re back! Level 2 is here and we can all take the opportunity to get out and ride again.

There are a few people wanting to do a group ride this Saturday 16th.  at 8am. Meet at the Yellow House. The ride will head north up the river road for about 40Ks  but if there are riders wanting it shorter you can turn back early. All welcome to ride

Sunday Group rides will resume this weekend too. As usual meet at the Yellow House at 9am for a fast group and 9.15am for a slower group

REMEMBER we’re still at COVID-19 level 2 Lockdown so watch your group sizes at all times – If too many show up to ride then break the group up into 2 or more smaller groups. You should be looking at group sizes of no more than 10. Obviously any other anti-COVID precautions apply too

Club Racing – Cycling NZ still aren’t clear about what we can and can’t do at level 2 but we will resume races as soon as we get some clarification.

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