Training Tips


Below are some links to videos for trunk strengthening and glute strengthening exercises.

They were designed by Greg Thompson who is the lead strength and conditioning coach for the Academy of Sport and works with the High Performance cyclists.


Indoor workouts are harder than riding outside because you’re fighting the resistance of the trainer.  We recommend short, hard efforts.

You’ll build your aerobic energy system – in less time. We suggest one of the workouts below twice a week; choose another for a third, hard day. After three weeks, try one of the more challenging variations.
Allow one day of rest, cross-training, or easy riding between sessions, and spin easy for 10 to 15 minutes before each workout. Finish the session with a 10-minute cool down.

Speed Intervals

Speed intervals improve power and speed and help you ­recover from repeated hard efforts. Do four 1-minute fast-pedal intervals: Use an easy gear and as high a cadence as ­possible. Keep your rate of perceived exertion (RPE) low – 5 out of 10. Recover for 2 minutes between efforts. Pedal 5 minutes easy. Do 10 to 12 intervals of 30 seconds on/30 seconds off. The ‘on’ portions are 95% effort (RPE 9 to 9.5) at as high a cadence as possible. Stand or sit as needed. For the ‘off’ parts, spin easy.
Make it harder: Add one on/off interval, up to 20 total.

Climbing Bursts

Climbing bursts help you respond to attacks on hills. Simulate a hill by raising the bike’s front wheel. Ride 10 minutes at a pace you can hold for an hour (90 to 100% of threshold power or heart rate; RPE 8). Once every two minutes, stand and attack for 12 to 15 pedal strokes – a near all-out effort. Spin easy for 10 minutes. Repeat (do three fast efforts total).
Make it harder: Try 2 x 15 minutes (10 minutes recovery), then 3 x 12 (six minutes recovery), then 2 x 20 (10 minutes recovery).

Ladder Intervals

Ladder Intervals simulate the demands of racing. Pedal for 4 minutes at RPE 8 (90 to 100% of threshold power), then 3 minutes at RPE 9 (100 to 110% of threshold), then 1 minute all-out (115% of threshold). Spin easy for 5 minutes. Pedal 1 minute all-out, then 3 minutes at RPE 9, then 4 minutes at RPE 8. Spin easy for 10 minutes. Repeat the sequence.

To make it harder: Add 30 seconds to each rung of the ladder, then a minute.


  • Make sure all the air is out of the tube.
  • Hook both of the tyre levers under the tyre, opposite the valve.
  • Attach one to a spoke.
  • Slide the other tyre lever around the tyre lifting it off the rim.
  • Take out the tube (starting from opposite the valve).
  • Run your fingers under the tyre to check for any glass etc.
  • Put a little bit of air into the new tube.
  • Place the valve in first, and then push the rest of the tube under the tyre.
  • Make sure all of the tube is under the tyre, by edging the tyre.  This helps your to minimise the risk of pinching the new tube.
  • Flick the tyre back onto the rim using your thumbs, start opposite the valve.
  • The last part is always the hardest.  Use your muscles!! & try not to use the tyre levers unless you really have to
  • Pump the tyre up, your all ready to go!

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